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… to systematically wrap up your payroll. 


Let this year-end payroll checklist help you

We’ll help you organize every facet of your year-end payroll duties:

Verify employee information

Order necessary forms

Meet filing deadlines

Plan for the new year

How will you remember all your end-of-year payroll tasks? 

You must complete many payroll tasks at the end of each year and going into the beginning of the new year. Forgetting a task can create administrative chaos. And, depending on what you forget, you could face IRS penalties. 

You need to get organized. By using an end-of-year payroll checklist, all your tasks are visible. As you complete a task, you can check it off.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to create your own payroll checklist. Patriot Software already has a checklist that tells you what to do both before and after the year-end.

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