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Boost Profits by Offering Payroll to Your Clients

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Inflate Your Bottom Line

Patriot offers perpetual, ongoing royalties of up to 10% to members of its Advisor Program, while offering wholesale pricing to its Certified Advisors.

Increase Client Retention

Offering payroll will make you more valuable to your clients, and in turn, make it harder for them to part ways with you.

Learn how much you can increase your profits (and how to get started) in our whitepaper!

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Learn how to increase your profits and client retention while reducing your risks.

Hands-Off Service

When you find the right payroll provider, you can set your clients up to run payroll themselves, eliminating the need for you to provide any help or support. 

Eliminate the Risk

Most small business owners don't understand the intricacies of running payroll and paying payroll taxes. Offering a payroll service would remove that hazard.

"When payroll services are sold to existing monthly accounting clients, the payroll is almost pure profit."


Accountants, CPAs, and bookkeepers can easily offer payroll to their clients using Patriot Software's Royalty Program.

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